Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vegan Sufganiyot!

A little more appropriate for Hanukkah, tonight I made sufganiyot -- sponge-y doughnuts filled with jam and covered with powdered sugar. In fact, the word 'sufganiyot' comes from 'sfog,' the Hebrew word for sponge. Slightly healthier than the normal variety, these little guys were baked instead of fried.

They came out great! Perfect sponge-y texture, filled with a dollop of raspberry jam. Zelda is not to be trusted with sticky jam, but she chowed down on plain doughnuts -- while P and I ate the gussied up ones. I modified the recipe from here, but the most important modification was making doughnuts that were fillable instead of doughnuts that already have holes all the way through! I've made those doughnuts about a million times and they are awesome, so do yourself a favor and try them out!


  1. Mother of pearl they look amazing! This only makes me want to have you in DC so we can live next door to each other and cook ourselves silly. For reals yo. DC NEEDS YOU. I NEED YOU!

  2. i might make some more tonight! yes, i AM trying to make you jealous! <3